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February 19, 2008


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Someone you don't know

the irony is that these sorts of antics that many corporations are doing actually serve to make them less competitive. often the very best employees with sellable skills don't stick around places like that and look for more relaxed environs. new employees will tend to avoid places like that based on reputation. it will hurt companies in the long run.

of course, they can get away with it more in a recession/depression, because people can't be picky about jobs. but in better times, it doesn't work for the company as well.

Someone you don't know

it may well be that these companies need larger exposure to free-market forces in order to understand the counter-productiveness of their antics. we do not have true capitalism these days. corporations enjoy wide-ranging benefits from laws. corporations are treated as a "person with rights" by the law, yet they never die, never divest of their resources like real people do.

many companies and industries enjoy subsidies from the government - local and national. these definitely distort/prevent free market influences.

i'm not entirely certain if corporatism, itself, is truly a free-market element. corporations don't exist except as a legal entity. how would it change the picture if that legal definition were removed?

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À mon avis, un gouvernement de sauvegarde / sauvetage / plan de financement n'est pas la solution pour résoudre cette crise, et bravo à la Chambre de ne pas autoriser ce plan pour passer. L'idée de fournir des «bien-être social» de ces institutions financières est une blague (peu importe qu'il s'agisse d'un achat réduit qui peut ou ne peut pas financièrement se rembourser plus tard).

Il existe d'autres alternatives pour résoudre cette crise qui ne charge pas gravement la charge du contribuable américain (la façon dont le plan actuel ne). Mais, espérons que ces alternatives seront examinées rapidement avant qu'il ne s'aggrave ... oh, et que les dirigeants nationaux cherchent la sagesse de Dieu dans ce processus ci-dessus toute autre chose.

Wulf Nesthead

«bien-être social»?
Este-ce-que vous avez mon post lesee?
(and no, French is not my mother tongue, so please forgive any grammar errors)

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