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November 26, 2008


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I wonder, though, if it is not possible for gays to symbolically emulate the myths. There is ample evidence they did in many other tribal societies. Any lack of evidence for the practice in Indo-European cultures could theoretically be dismissed as being a result of generations of Abrahamic influence (Correct me if this is not the case.).

Ultimately it comes down to whether one equates "gender" with "sex." To my mind, it certainly is possible for a person possessing particular genitalia to have from birth a seemingly inconsistent spirit or mindset.

The battle for "gay marriage" is a battle not so much for heterosexual tradition (which is in a shambles now anyway), but for marriage licenses themselves - which are thoroughly modern. They are seeking the ability to obtain a particular kind of legal status - one that guarantees far more benefits than do civil unions.


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